immersive and interactive projects (self-designed galleries, desktop or laptop recommended)

A Little Rain Must
(2024, Decentraland Wellness Week Bronze Winner, accessible until about 23 April 2024)

visit in Decentraland (55, -58)

(needs a google, social or metamask account to login)

Brutal Cubes
(2023, Decentraland Mesh Fair)

visit in Decentraland Mesh Fair (52, 62), Cube 7. May soon unavailable and give way to the 2024 version

(needs a google, social or metamask account to login)

Blob Town Series
(2023, MOCA ROOMS,
fully claimed)

know more in their individual tweet threads:

This is an interactive gallery which features portals to some of warrragwag's selected works and also a display of his MOCA Rooms architecture pieces. It is a WIP, but feel free to walk around. Walk on the water to see the architecture. Interact with Arrrisu and she will teleport you to various starting points in this world.

Gallery Alice
an art gallery with a runway!
(2022, Metamundo)
(available to collect!)

Floating Space Test
(2023, experimental work)

(2023, experimental work)