make architecture weird again.

𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘨𝘸𝘢𝘨 : (Hiligaynon) v. to spread, to disseminate,
to broadcast.

The entities in my pieces, they are trying to send a message that I cannot understand. But I am listening carefully.

Self-exiled from architecture and interior design, warrragwag is now exploring possibilities in the digital space by mixing IRL architecture with abstract art. Channeling his years of experience in architectural visualization, he is experimenting his way to make this a reality in the metaverse: currently via images and motion graphics, but eventually into VR. His main tool at the moment is Blender (specifically with Geometry Nodes for procedural work), and a bit of Resolve and Affinity Photo for post. He sometimes adds music and sounds into his pieces too. And a lot of dabbling into other software here and there. He also doodles and draws a lot.

Recently, he has been immersed in AI art using diffusion models. He is fascinated by how the machine interprets prompts and loves spending time tweaking the settings or giving it images to start from. Surprisingly, it is not so easy to get the image one envisions, contrary to what some imagine. The development in this area of art is so fast and he excited to see where this leads. He believes that AI art will touch 3d art in a huge way soon and images are only the beginning.


born 1974, Iloilo City, Philippines ◻️

graduated BS Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines ◻️

draughtsman, interior concept designer & visualiser in Singapore ◻️

attended Acrylic Painting I-III in LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore ◻️

now creating digital art ◻️

bracing for when the metaverse swallows the world ◻️

Exhibitions / Mentions / Featured / Residency:

10 May 2014 Placed top 10: Braun Buffel Art Competition Singapore ◻️

16 April 2021: @verticalcryptoart's Selected Objkts ◻️

23 April 2021 (virtual) H=N Beach gallery in cryptovoxels (Location )◻️


11 June 2021 (virtual) @glryxyz's Exhibition 3: Architects and Art ◻️

9-17 July 2021 (art event) CRYPTO ART WEEK ASIA | 9-17 JULY 2021 ◻️

Auctioned piece "Just Breathe" during Crypto Art Week Asia Auction ◻️

July-Oct 2021 (residency) Artist at Vertical Crypto Art Residency ◻️

03 Sept 2021 (winner) Async 24hr contest with Meural◻️

13 Sept 2021 (first NFT collab, on Async, with Walt Reunamo) Streams in a Room◻️

01 Oct 2021 (resident/ participant) VerticalCrypto Art Resident Artist Auction◻️

02 Nov 2021 - 02 Jan 2022 (resident/ participant) CAFA NEAL LAB Global #NFT Art Season Exhibition◻️

21 Dec 2021 featured in the daily gallery of Center for Global Art (@CFGart) Gallery Search◻️

14-23 Jan 2022 CAWA Exhibition as part of Singapore Art Week "Tezos NFTs: The New North Star" ◻️

24 Jan 2022 Featured Artist and Exhibition on BitPinas: "Warrragwag is Part of SG Crypto Art Week Asia x Tezos Exhibit" ◻️

28-31 March 2022 featured as part of AsyncArt and MeetMueral's display at NFTLA◻️

16 April 2022 featured as Creator of the Week by @ParcelNFT: (tweet)◻️

16 April 2022 featured artist in DIG SOUTH NFT Artist Alley via @elevation_inc◻️

20 May 2022 featured artist on The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art's Digital Trends Ep.69 ◻️

20 May "Foggy Ultraviolet" was included in the Community Collection of the Museum of CryptoArt◻️

28-29 May 2022 (virtual) featured artist during NFT Summit Istanbul via @omnea_xyz ◻️

Featured at NFT Liverpool at Adelia Art Gallery in July and August 2022◻️

22 Aug 2022 shortlisted in the Top 20 artists in Instinc D: Art Ignite the Future Festival ◻️

27 Sept 2022 one of the artists in Tezos NFT Artist Panel @ Fil-Sg Summit held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center◻️

2 Dec 2022 included in @metamundo's Top 50 Creators of the Metaverse launched during Art Basel Miami◻️