Floaters is my fist Blueprints project on async.art


Floaters are three different floating heads, you can only get one at a time.

They are not animals or characters. They are just clumps of stuff that form a head.

They may show emotion. Or not.

They float in front of a digitally hand-painted background.

Sometimes there's something spinning behind them.

They may wear something on their head, or grow a beard. Or not.

Don't worry, each one is a nice guy. Just floating in the air.

What is Blueprints?

Async Blueprints are collections generated from a single source. Only a limited number of Editions — each of them provably random and unique — can be minted from any Blueprint. Think of Blueprints as a standard layered Async artwork, allowing you to mint your own 1/1 combination from the artist’s Blueprints collection.