just some ramblings.

30 jan 2022:

Just sold a physical trio today! I'm so happy, I never thought they'd go anywhere.

Thank you Kate for collecting! It means a lot.

Have a look at some of my other urban landscape paintings here.

24 jan 2022:

I got highlighted in BitPinas! This is my first feature in an online magazine (or any media for that matter), as part of Singapore Art Week 2022.

Thank you to @BitPinas and @mmichaels_21 for the article and again to @TzApac, @Cryptoartasia, @Radarboy3000.


13 jan 2022:

Look Ma, I'm in a physical exhibition! It's part of Singapore Art Week 2022. My tweet here.

Special thanks to @TzApac, @Cryptoartasia, @Radarboy3000 for having me there!

09 jan 2022:

Sold a physical today. An acrylic, about A3 size. A bit sad, like losing a friend. Maybe just old and sentimental, hehehe.

02 jan 2022:

My pseudonym, warrragwag, comes from the Hiligaynon word (with a single 'r' :) ) which means to spread or broadcast. In late 2020, when I discovered I could make NFTs, I thought it would be funny being a shy and quiet person who just keeps to himself. I quickly got the domain name to make it funnier. Little did I know that to sell NFTs, you would really need to broadcast yourself. What did I get myself into? The triple r was just for special fx. Or was the domain unavailable?

01 jan 2022: Happy New Year! May this year lift more artists to self sufficiency.

28 dec 2021: website redesign for 2022!

Happy holidays!

This blog section will just be random thoughts or views. Maybe some art experiments or discoveries. But every now and then will revisit some old stuff from way back, even before my insta days. I used to have a blog a long time ago, let's see if I can maintain one now....